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Our Flower Lane has evolved from skills and love learned through our catering business, our landscape company, styling photoshoots, growing edible flowers for restaurants and all the incredible people in our orbit. Our wild garden style is based on what we have organically sown, grown, harvested, foraged for, and purchased from our incredible Cape Cod flower farming community. Our job is to capture your flower vision and blend it with our flowers, design, and styling aesthetic. 

We are a sustainable and community minded company who are always learning better practices. 

We are honored to steward Nauset land here on the intrinsically beautiful Cape Cod.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 5.51.05 PM.png

Photograph by Nico Guillis @findyourcalifornia

A few things about me...Grew up in Ithaca NY, I have moved 25 times and never again, 40 incredible and never dull years with MJF, our family is big, loud, wild, brilliant, and funny as hell, I dance like I’m still at a Dead Show, I’ve always had my hands in the dirt, I am a plantaholic flower nerd and worms are my jam. 

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